Photowalk 22

Today, we visit Dubuque, Iowa.

Specifically, Dubuque’s Fenelon Place Elevator ~ described as the world’s shortest and steepest scenic railway. Built in 1882, it’s also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. (you know I have to share info and history!)


The Fenelon Place Elevator climbs the Mississippi River bluff at the end of Fourth Street near downtown Dubuque. It has a length of 296 feet and a vertical elevation of 189 feet.


It is a funicular: a cable-driven railway powered by an engine in the upper station. The two cars always leave the upper and lower stations simultaneously, and pass at the midpoint of the track. They counterbalance each other so that the engine needs to supply only enough power to overcome friction and the different weights of the passengers in the cars.


At the top there are a couple of observation decks with an awesome view of the town & the Mississippi.

One more fact to blow your mind:
Three states can be seen from the observation decks: Iowa, Illinois & Wisconsin.

Just wait, there are some more pretty cool things to see and do in Iowa… and I’ll share them here!

Have a great weekend!

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