Not always behind the lens

We’ve been busy on the computer today.

I say “we” because you all know that Louden is always right here to help me out.

“Help” being subjective, of course!

hmmm... is it right or left click to eat that bird?

hmmm… is it right or left click to eat that bird?


even with the furry assist, I got more photographs edited, 3 for a local juried show that I’m really excited to be entering!

I’ll keep you all posted on that. If my photographs are chosen, they will be showing in a gallery for most of November and December. Cool!!

And there are some that I sold that I’ll be getting back from the printers soon, too!

Yes. I take care to ensure quality and have my photographs professionally printed… and printed locally.  Going that extra step is one I happily take!

I’m also stretching another creative muscle and creating a business website for a long-time friend. What I’ve found out so far is:  Lots to learn, lots to do, lots to be excited about!

Wow! How’s that for a Monday?!?!




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