Hunter’s Moon

HAPPY FULL MOON!! …as if you didn’t already know! haha!

Did you know that the full moon that appears in October is called the Hunters Moon?  (note: some years the Harvest Moon falls in October instead of September)

Many moons ago (couldn’t help myself! hehe!) Native Americans named this bright moon for obvious reasons: the moon is bright and long in the sky, the leaves are falling from trees, the deer are fattened, and hunters easily see animals that come to forage the grains from the harvested fields.

Hunter's Moon

Hunter’s Moon

Here’s another fun fact: Early this evening, find a lookout with a clear view to both the eastern and western horizons so that you may be enchanted by an almost simultaneous sunset and moonrise.

Unless it’s cloudy… like it is here, Dagnabbit!

Enjoy your Friday evening!

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