I am Thankful

I live a pretty blessed life.

Not only am I fully aware of that, I give thanks daily for it.

And for the people in my life (even the difficult ones!)

The thing I’ve noticed about gratitude in my own life is that it grows exponentially when I express it.

I can sit quietly in appreciation of someone or something (which is also important), but if I am able to tell them or express it in some way, I get to feel that gratitude resonate more deeply.

That’s why in November, I participate in the Month of Gratitude challenge. This is simply an opportunity to acknowledge things I am grateful for (I personally make it my Facebook status every day in November)


Now, I know that gratitude has become a bit of a buzz word ~ which can kind of make it sound cliché or leave us feeling a bit desensitized by it. But… think about this: If it weren’t so powerful and if it wasn’t changing lives, people would have forgotten about it and moved onto something new.

On that subject, I had a friend express a less-than-favorable opinion to me about my “jumping on the Month of Gratitude bandwagon” (their words) and that it was “nothing more than another Facebook virus” (again, their words.)

“Good,” I said.

“I hope it’s an epidemic!”

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