Remember our Heroes at Christmas

As the daughter of a Veteran, I just had to share this:

Please, start filling out your Christmas cards early and send one to one of our heroes on active Military duty.

I say “early” because the deadline for sending is December 6, 2013.


One Vet commented: “You’ll never know how it felt receiving letters and cards during the holidays when I was deployed. Some people even sent small Christmas ornaments and lights that we strung up. Thanks for passing this along.”

Thank you for adding these important people to your annual Christmas list!

Also please feel free to re-blog, re-post or share in any way you can. The more people who know, the more who will send! Thanks!

And for those of you who are wondering if this is true (because I know you are out there) here is the Snopes page that shows that this is valid:

2 thoughts on “Remember our Heroes at Christmas

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