Making lemonade (or margaritas!)

So, I found out that I am not the only blogger that is having troubles with my widgets and buttons and menus (oh my! hehe!) which made me breathe a little bit easier since I no longer fear user error.


Apparently there have been site upgrades for the templated blogs (those of us that don’t know our html from a hole in the ground) and there are a few bugs (apparently from the hole in the ground! hehe!)

Let it be said that I take things with a grain of salt (see above: margarita! hehe!) and a bit of humor.

In the current state of the site, I’m not able to share any new photographs or posters ~ which is a total bummer for us all!


I CAN re-share a previous blog! (yaaayyyy! <—Kermit)

So I’ve decided to repost this one (and encourage any bloggers to repost/reblog it as well), since I’d really like it if all of you remembered to send a card to someone in the Military currently serving and unable to be home at Christmastime:

Also, CR/IC people, remember to come out to Chait Gallery tomorrow (Friday the 8th) for the Small Works Show opening reception from 5-8pm (central time) it’s free and open to the public and all art is for sale ~ plus, I’d love to see you!

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