“Fall”ing down

The splashes-of-color-that-is-Autumn’s-beauty are all but a memory… and, of course, a bunch of photographs.

I’m already waxing nostalgic and it’s only been like 1-2 weeks since Mother Nature painted nature with her vibrance. (hey, how about that, I’m not so bad with the words and describing and stuff, right?!)

It’s this time of year, and early spring, that seem to just brown out into the background.

So what could I possibly find to photograph?

Leaves, of course.

There are piles and piles of leaves.

Sure. I guess you could say they’re kinda ‘drab’ compared to the colors they were not too long ago, but there is still something special…

jump in!

jump in!

leaf diversity

leaf diversity

forest floor

forest floor

Spent the previous weeks looking up and around, imagine my surprise at how much beauty can be found looking down.

All I had to do was see it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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