Turkey Coma

Louden is a seafood-based cat food eater.

I’ve tried to give him turkey, chicken, and beef cat food, but he turns up his nose and waits for me to correct my obvious mistake. (silly human! geez!)

Let me be very clear. This only refers to cat food ~ the beast loves baked/roasted chicken and turkey!

(Side note: He maintains the dislike of beef across-the-board. Makes sense. After all, I’ve never seen a domestic cat trying to take down a cow out in the field! hehe!)

And since he is part of the family he gets his portion of Thanksgiving turkey, of course!

Now I’m not saying that I do this for any other reason (cough, tryptophan, cough, cough) but it is nice to have some peace and quiet. hehe!

Evidence, you ask?

asleep, complete with drool and snoring!

sound asleep, complete with drool and snoring!

No worries, if he wakes up, I have some cat nip at the ready! (insert evil laugh here! muahahaha!!)

Black Friday? pshaw! Not here!

This house celebrates Turkey Coma Friday! (well… when it comes to the feline, anyway!)

Have a great weekend!


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