RE-BLOG: something lost to me may be someone else’s gain : )

Yesterday I posted a poster that what you send out into life is what you get back. And then I opened up this blog written by my beautiful friend, Evie ~ you’ll see in the blog why I’ve shared it here. Not because she mentions me in it ~ all I was doing was trying to give some comfort to a friend ~ but because of the transformation that happened after she read my words, who knew how impactful they would end up being! I sent out love to her and she more-than sent it back to me!

Life is an echo, indeed!!


Cat animal symbolism reminds us to not fall prey to false beliefs, to not be a fool out of ignorance and derive understanding from our own internal wisdom. The cat beckons us to realize that when we turn within to our own hearts, minds and souls, and trust in ourselves we will always be shown the truth of matters.  – Avia


I was out shopping with my daughter yesterday and when I returned home  I found that my cat charm – that I have worn every day for many years – had gone missing. I was quite upset by this,  as this had become a powerful symbol of hope, strength, resilience and positivity for me…it was an ‘anchor item’ for me – in therapy I often get my clients to find their own ‘anchor item’ to empower them during difficult times such as when making presentations, going…

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