No doubt it’s Monday!

Snow sure has a way of enhancing Christmas spirit, doesn’t it? I mean, when it snows in December, before Christmas… probably not so much say, in March!

And I’d hope by now you all know that I think that snow makes the world really pretty (at first… until all the dirt & sand & salt get mixed together, then it’s not-so pretty… but I digress! hehe!)

Well, no surprise from my lead-in, but it snowed yesterday. We ‘supposedly’ got  1-2 inches of the white-n-fluffy, but when I shoveled, it was more like 4-5 (hey, I have witnesses!)

AND my niece, Mom and I got a lot of cookie-baking done, too!

So I took a few shots out in the yard today, my favorite is this one of the spruce tree


…mostly because this idiot (points at self) accidentally deleted all the other photos I took this morning! Silly woman!

In my defense, the temperature was a whopping 10 degrees (with a -5 degree windchill) when I took them, so I’m calling brain-freeze! hehe!!

I can’t use “it’s Monday” every week… can I?!


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