Boxing day?

Yesterday I personally had a great Christmas that I got to spend with Mom, 1/2 my siblings and their kids; and lots of presents, food and fun!

And today? Well, today is Boxing Day!


That sounds like it requires a lot more exertion than I can muster on the day after Christmas! haha!

Instead, I went a little more low-key than that and enjoyed some exploration in some nearby woods:


(talk about a walk in the park!)


and a quite a bit of this:


What a perfect way to spend the day after a holiday!

(PS: to those of you who celebrate Boxing Day, please don’t write and explain to me that it’s not about the sport of boxing… I promise I know that already… I’m just doing some wordplay. I know you’re surprised to read that!)

Enjoy the rest of the day ~ it’s almost the weekend!

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