Color or B&W

Today I’ve been doing some social media marketing for a friend’s business. Between edits and re-writes, I’ll take breaks waiting for approval or suggestions.

I’m not taking the kind of breaks that a normal person would take that would actually remove me from the computer (that would make sense! haha!) but rather I find myself, once again, going through my photos and playing with the editing tools.

And you know what I realized?

Sometimes simple editing is more impactful than anything all the fancy-schmancy editing tools can provide.

I admit, I can get carried away with some of the more “fun-looking” options (what a life I lead!) but today I found a photograph that, with the most simple of editing ~ from color to black & white ~ gave the feel of two completely different photos.

Look what I mean. First the color:


Now the black & white:


Same photograph but one feels alive ~ like you could just walk right into it and touch the evergreens; and the other is about contrast ~ stark and cold. (ok, well it’s a photo with snow, both feel cold! hehe!)

And I don’t know if it’s just me, but color photos read present-tense to me, where black & white seem to represent something out of the past.

Personally, I think both options are beautiful (pats self on back) but it is a good example of how different the same photograph can look or feel with just a little bit of editing.

Have a great Friday!

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