Let sleeping cats…

When Louden first found me, he was not a fan of the camera. He’d run away and/or hide and make sure his face wasn’t easily visible.

Make no mistake, I know he’s still not a fan but over the years he has softened and instead of running, he concedes (what a sweetie!) the photography with mild annoyance and total disinterest.

In my photostalking, I’m mostly fascinated with the way he sleeps. I’ve had pets since I was about 9 or 10, and they’ve mostly been cats. So I know cats are unique creatures to say the least.

But I never found any of them so contorted when they slept, as I do Louden.

Case in point, I found him like this on my bed:


Yes, his face is shoved into the blanket. Not sure how he’s able to breathe. But whatever makes him happy…

This was the next photo, after I “accidentally” (wink-wink) nudged the bed:


He reached his paw out like that was going to stop me, but apparently decided that he was just too darn sleepy to care.

And hey! He didn’t run away!

He just shoved his face back into the blanket and fell back asleep… the poor, photostalked fella!

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