Constant companion

Most of the time I sit on my bed with my laptop on a computer table to do my work.

It’s a habit I picked up way back in the day, in like junior high, when doing homework.

Well, the sitting on my bed to do my work part is from back in the day… the laptop part isn’t (mostly because there was no such thing way back in the dark ages! haha!)

But I digress…

I was just going to share what I see, every day, just beyond the computer screen.


He’s always right there.

And I do mean right there — that’s his spot. (a la Sheldon from Big Bang!)

My supervisor… which you think would be a bit more difficult to do with closed eyes.

He does happen to be dreaming right now, too — he’s twitching and such — but here I am blogging and editing photographs so clearly he knows what he’s doing!

So sweet, right?!

Have a great weekend!

(It’ll be snowing here. Hopefully photograph-worthy!)

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