Today’s photos tell a little story (how fun!)

Once upon a time there was a giant snow-cat named Louden who loved to go outside every day to survey his vast (but fenced-in) kingdom.


One day, Louden caught a scent of something nummy that he would like in his belly.

So he followed the scent behind some recycling bins (he was very eco-conscious!) and an old wheelbarrow.


But, alas,  he couldn’t get close enough because of the mighty snow drifts!

So he peered around the visual obstacles to spot his dream dinner.

And there it was:


ahem, I mean:

A Bunny!


But Louden’s staff photographer scared off the bunny before he could reach it. (darn it!)

And it ran away – from behind the wheelbarrow, past the recycle bins, over the drifts of snow, and through the space in the fence to the relative safety of the neighbor’s kingdom.

All Louden could do was watch it run.


And he thought, “meh, I don’t like fast food anyway!” (get it?! hehe!!)

The end.

Have a great week!

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