Star Gazing

Poor Louden.

It’s such a hard life for him… paparazzi (uh, that’d be me! hehe!) always following him around with a camera wondering what he’ll do next.

So there he sits.

In his (not his!) chair.

On his (not his!) blanket.

Doing nothing besides staring me down and trying to ignore me (which, let’s face it, is pretty impossible!)

And just when he turns away, thinking that there’s no way a photo would be taken, this happens:



Talk about looking to the Heavens for some assistance! haha!!

I left him alone after this (for a few hours, anyway!) I mean, he did such a nice job posing for me – look at that great sight-line!

PS: this is also a great lesson in paying attention to the photograph as a whole – photography is about not only concentrating on your obvious subject (that’s a snapshot), but to the background and composition as well.

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