Photowalk 33

I haven’t shared a photowalk for a while. So, with winter coming to an end (soon!) and spring fever rearing up, I thought I’d share a summer trip I took not too long ago to…

Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

There is a lot to do and see there besides the more well-known choices of catching a Major League Baseball game, the Miller Brewery tour (which in all honesty, was a blast!), and the Harley Davidson museum.

But there’s a lot more – the stunningly beautiful St. Josaphat Basilica, for example. And the downtown is a fantastic mix of old and modern buildings.

Ladybugs on the side of a building? Ok!


The Milwaukee Art Museum has several draws including the War Memorial Center, Cudahy Gardens and the Calatrava-designed Quadracci Pavilion (photo) – seriously, it’s a must-go place:


Lake Michigan:


There’s also a Riverwalk in the downtown which my friend Arthur and I personally give…


a thumbs-up! hehe!!

yep – that’s The Fonz (um… statue of course!) watching over the river.

I had a lot of fun & realize I’d like to go back at some point…

in the summer!! haha!

Sorry WI peeps – but there are way more things to do in the summer (and do I really have to point out the obvious temperature and weather truths?!) like free street fests and giant music fests at the fairgrounds to name a few.

Hey, did you notice that not once did I mention cheese?! (oh, oops! haha!!)

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