Hey! It’s May!

Well, it’s finally gotten nice enough here to get out and take some photos! For a little while I thought winter may just go on all year, geez!

Anyway, I’ve taken probably around 250-300 photos (not counting family events like Easter or that number would be well over 400!)  in the last couple of weeks and there might just be one or two decent ones in the bunch! (fingers crossed!)

I’m not really editing much right now though so there’s nothing to share yet. (but soon, I promise!) It’s been important to me to get out and shoot instead. In the meantime, remember you can check out my online gallery at imagekind ( http://www.artbycarol.imagekind.com ) where I’ve added a few new photographs or visit me on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/ArtByCarolCook )

Also, I think I’m going to do a drawing/sketching self-challenge. Some kind of challenge that gets me to sit down and draw daily or weekly or something.

I’m still dragging my feet on what I want to do, so here are my top 2 options:

  1. A simple drawing challenge where I take an inspiration piece and draw on it for at least an hour a day until it’s a finished drawing and then start a new one OR
  2. A sketch challenge where I draw for an hour a day in nature or still life or something where it’s a complete original, but only a sketch, not a “complete” drawing.

Feel free to voice your opinion via comments or send me an email… and the sooner the better or this procrastinator will find a way to keep putting it off.

Thanks for dropping by!!

Have a great day!

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