Making progress!

When last we met, I mentioned that I was looking to start drawing or sketching. Well, I have! (yay!)

I started 2 different drawings – and they will be complete drawings not sketches.

Why 2 you ask? It’s just a quirk that I’m sure a lot of artists have. I like to do more than one project at a time, that way I don’t get in a rut and I can return to each piece with fresh eyes and ideas.

One is of a horse and the other is a daisy. I’ll add photos to show you all at some point but it’s too soon in either of them to really note any significant progress. I’m re-learning to slow down and enjoy the process, too!

I haven’t forgotten my photography, either!

Now that Spring is springing here, I’m really enjoying being out shooting photos and adding to my nature portfolio. Truly enjoying it after the long, long, long Winter we had (yes, this self-proclaimed all-seasons lover got tired of Winter!) I must say, I’m especially loving the flowers in bloom!

I’ve even added a few new pieces for sale (yay!) to my imagekind site  —

Here’s a preview for your viewing pleasure:

click on the website link above or in the right hand column to view framed and to purchase!

click on the website link above or in the right hand column to view any of the images matted and/or framed and to purchase!

I’m also patiently (but not necessarily quietly) waiting to hear from an organization on purchasing some of my photographs for their currently-being-built new building. By reading this, you’re voluntarily sending your good juju (or whatever you want to call it!) that I hear soon just how many they’re going to add into their art collection! Thanks!!!

And if any of you know of a business, college, private collector, etc. (or yourself) that is looking to update their own art collection, please intervene and match-make – thanks for that, too!!

So that’s what’s going on this week. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day!

Peace & Love,


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