Veteran’s Day 2014

In memory of my USAF Veteran Dad, and for all of the Veterans and active military who courageously put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and serve our citizenship in times of peace, disaster, and need: Thank you!


Note about the photo:
This was taken in a cemetery nearby. It is a statue that marks the grave of this family’s only son (only child!) who was killed in WWII – and it is his likeness. What a beautiful (and sad) tribute.

Remember to shake the hand of a Veteran or active-duty Military person and thank them for their service — not just today but feel free to do it on any day…

And, since it’s getting to be that time of year,  please remember service members when filling out your Christmas Card list:
Holiday Mail for Heroes Campaign (Christmas Letters)
Each year the American Red Cross provides assistance to more than 2 million service members and many of our nation’s 24 million veterans. We support military families, military and veterans hospitals and provide emergency communications across the globe. And once a year, we get the joy of delivering holiday cards to veterans, military families and active-duty service members at hospitals and installations around the world. The cards and personal messages, sent by tens of thousands of Americans, provide a welcome “touch of home” for our troops during the holiday season.

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Nine Eleven

We’ll always remember this day.


And where we were when it happened.

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It’s an inside kind of day

And the weather here changes again.

Today we’re getting lots of rain and thunderstorms.

Admittedly, I’m a big fan of thunderstorms – strange, perhaps, but true!

But they do put a damper (ahem, ‘damper’… get it?! haha!!) on any outdoor activities.

So this is how we’re passing the time today:


Ok, really it’s mostly this:


Best way to spend a rainy day!

Photowalk 32

I’m enjoying a beautiful snow day today.

Of course I realize it’s been a snowy winter…

so I also realize that I’m one of the few that would use the words “enjoy” or “beautiful” in reference to the white & fluffy stuff!

During the heavier snowfall, I grabbed the camera and took a few photos from around the yard and neighborhood.


Not the best place to sit unless you want a cold rear! That’s about 7 inches of snow on that swing, and it’s still coming down!


Snow sticking to some left-over fall foliage, the bird bath & snowfall in the background made for a nice shot.


Now that’s a Snow Angel!

Even though most people I know are tired of it, I’m having a good time with winter.

To me there’s something peaceful about fresh snowfall.

It makes the world seem quieter and brighter at the same time.

And it is, after all, one of my four favorite seasons! (hehehe!!)

Have a great week!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Spending the day with the one who holds my heart…


We all knew I meant him!

Happy Valentine’s Day – have a great weekend!


I do my work at the same time every day – the last minute.

(Not really.)

I’m actually not much of a procrastinator… I’m more of a “work smart not hard” kind of gal.

Of course, it’s a little more difficult to work when this is going on around my computer & work station:

feeling around...

feeling around…

which led to this:

had to look at what he was playing around with...

had to get a better look at what he was playing around with…

So a little bit of playtime set me back a smidge today.

It happens.

How can it not when I’m dealing with a face like this?


focused playing — awwww!!

Yep. This is my daily life.

And I share with you a glimpse into my actual job…

as Louden’s staff!

Best. Job. Ever.

Playing outside with Louden

I’m not great at being inside all the time.

Snow and cold don’t scare me, either!

Good thing I have a cat who is just as much outdoorsy as his staff (me being the staff, of course!)

Today we went out and played a little bit before it starts to snow again.

And guess what?

I got more bubbles! YAY!

It may look like he's a bit startled by the bubble above, but don't let it fool ya - he's getting ready to pounce on it!

It may look like he’s a bit startled by the bubble above, but don’t let him fool ya – he’s getting ready to pounce on it!

Some even landed and didn’t pop so Louden got an up close and personal experience with them!

checking out the cluster of bubbles

checking out the cluster of bubbles

He got too close though:



He wasn’t too happy about it popping, either.

But he got over pretty quickly and took it out on some other ones — with both paws. Of course, he played more once I put the camera down.

Typical cat! geez!

Regardless, fun was had!

Constant companion

Most of the time I sit on my bed with my laptop on a computer table to do my work.

It’s a habit I picked up way back in the day, in like junior high, when doing homework.

Well, the sitting on my bed to do my work part is from back in the day… the laptop part isn’t (mostly because there was no such thing way back in the dark ages! haha!)

But I digress…

I was just going to share what I see, every day, just beyond the computer screen.


He’s always right there.

And I do mean right there — that’s his spot. (a la Sheldon from Big Bang!)

My supervisor… which you think would be a bit more difficult to do with closed eyes.

He does happen to be dreaming right now, too — he’s twitching and such — but here I am blogging and editing photographs so clearly he knows what he’s doing!

So sweet, right?!

Have a great weekend!

(It’ll be snowing here. Hopefully photograph-worthy!)

Outdoor time

Louden and I decided to head outside for a little bit.

And I do mean a very little bit!

Not only is he not a fan of the frigid cold, (who is, really?), it’s dangerous to have an indoor pet outside for too long in freezing temps and snow/ice.

He doesn’t seem to mind the actual snow though — so he’ll trudge through the drifts to investigate around the yard.

this is where he 'paws"ed (get it?! haha!!)

this is where he ‘pawsed’ (get it?! haha!!)

And sometimes it takes a little more effort to get him to go back inside, especially when he finds a spot to “hide”

"hiding" under the dwarf spruce

“hiding” under the dwarf spruce

Thankfully right now all it takes is a little gust of that arctic air to get him to run (literally) for the door.

So he can get back to doing that which he does best:



Ah, the life of a cat…