Outside The Box

As you all know, I’m just in the beginning of this re-dedication to the basics of my drawing and sketching, but I’ve already found out at least one super-important thing:

I need to step outside my usual, go-to ideas and ways.

It seems I have a formula to not only my approach to art, but in subject-matter, style… everything. There has recently been a familiar, run-of-the-mill-ness – dare I say a stagnant? – approach.   And result.

Now, I’m not saying it’s bad or wrong, nor will I abandon it completely because sometimes it’s what I’m feeling at that moment.  What I am saying for sure though, is that it’s time for me to push the boundaries and try new things. And if I don’t, can we say:  b-o-r-i-n-g?!

Which brings me to today’s sketch of the week.

My list (that I referred to in the last post) suggested a skull & crossbones. (What?!) Interesting. Definitely not something I’d have considered in the past. In fact, in the past I probably would have skipped over this idea and gone onto the next, more “me” idea.  But not today!

So I did a little searching for ideas and I found one that jumped out at me.

Now, keep in mind this is just the beginning of this & there’s a lot left to do. But I wanted so share because it is so out of the ordinary for me – and quite frankly, I think it’s a good start.

Skull with Snake

Definitely a skull. No crossbones.

Funny thing, too – I actually feel kind of excited about this one – and that hasn’t happened for a long time. Could it be that after a bunch of years I’ve finally decided to break out of my previous “normal” and, in doing so, might actually stretch my art muscles?!

Who knows where this will lead? (hint: I certainly don’t! hahaha!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Cool Buns!



No complaints…

other than the lack of seating options.

Don’t want to sit here:


Here, either:


Guess we’ll just stay inside and snuggle up:



He’s really good at that, isn’t he?!

There are a lot of people ready for the snow to be gone and for Spring to be here.

Not me.

I think I’ll just keep enjoying each day as it comes.

Thanks for stopping by – come back any time!




Drawings – beginning stage

Nature’s beautiful colors are really filling in. It’s been especially fun to be out taking photos of flowers in bloom.

Ahhh… color!

And I’ve been slowing going through, editing and adding photos to my “nature” gallery on my imagekind website ( http://www.artbycarol.imagekind.com ) – only a couple have made it so far.

I also shared recently that I started a couple of drawings, so I thought I’d share them at stages.

This is the beginning stage (after about a week or so) – each with the inspiration piece:

splashing horse

splashing horse




Neither is very impressive looking at the moment, I know.

My talent in art has always come easily to me. I think I’ve been taking it for granted, though.

Instead, I want to remember (and relish in) the passion and challenge and pure joy that comes out of pouring heart and soul into my artwork — whether it be drawing, painting or photography.

And that takes patience – something that does NOT come easily to me!

I think it also may seem like this is not a lot of drawing after an entire week or so. Believe me, I get it!

It used to be that I could – and would – knock one of these out every day (and in college, I had to do at least one a day, if not more!)

But art is a process that, to me, isn’t about how fast you can produce or how many pieces you can do in a day –  remember a few sentences ago I said I wanted to relish in this!

Obviously for me, the process is about slowing down, taking my time, and returning to my basic skills.

So, be patient with me, and we’ll see how this goes!

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great day!


I take a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot) of photos of Louden.

And I think he’s really starting to like it.

I mean, take a look at his most recent favorite pose:


It’s like he’s saying “take more photos of me! please!” (right?!)

Of course, it’s possible I may just be choosing the interpretation I want.

Either way, it’s not like I’ll stop any time soon.

I think we all knew that…

A little late…

I’m posting later than normal.

But for very good reason!

I got to spend some time today with one of my nieces (yay!!) so my to-do-today shifted a bit.

Someone else was feeling a little neglected, too (he didn’t get to go along.)

So, when I got home I started scratching under his chin and then…

well you tell me – does this look like an innocent face?


or does it look like he is planning something?

hint: it’s the latter of the two options!

I’m ok – no bloodshed or broken skin (whew! j/k, it was all in playful fun!)

But, then again, that was before I stopped to blog.

He’s eyeing me a bit now.


um… bandaids and neosporin, anyone?

Star Gazing

Poor Louden.

It’s such a hard life for him… paparazzi (uh, that’d be me! hehe!) always following him around with a camera wondering what he’ll do next.

So there he sits.

In his (not his!) chair.

On his (not his!) blanket.

Doing nothing besides staring me down and trying to ignore me (which, let’s face it, is pretty impossible!)

And just when he turns away, thinking that there’s no way a photo would be taken, this happens:



Talk about looking to the Heavens for some assistance! haha!!

I left him alone after this (for a few hours, anyway!) I mean, he did such a nice job posing for me – look at that great sight-line!

PS: this is also a great lesson in paying attention to the photograph as a whole – photography is about not only concentrating on your obvious subject (that’s a snapshot), but to the background and composition as well.

It’s an inside kind of day

And the weather here changes again.

Today we’re getting lots of rain and thunderstorms.

Admittedly, I’m a big fan of thunderstorms – strange, perhaps, but true!

But they do put a damper (ahem, ‘damper’… get it?! haha!!) on any outdoor activities.

So this is how we’re passing the time today:


Ok, really it’s mostly this:


Best way to spend a rainy day!


Today’s photos tell a little story (how fun!)

Once upon a time there was a giant snow-cat named Louden who loved to go outside every day to survey his vast (but fenced-in) kingdom.


One day, Louden caught a scent of something nummy that he would like in his belly.

So he followed the scent behind some recycling bins (he was very eco-conscious!) and an old wheelbarrow.


But, alas,  he couldn’t get close enough because of the mighty snow drifts!

So he peered around the visual obstacles to spot his dream dinner.

And there it was:


ahem, I mean:

A Bunny!


But Louden’s staff photographer scared off the bunny before he could reach it. (darn it!)

And it ran away – from behind the wheelbarrow, past the recycle bins, over the drifts of snow, and through the space in the fence to the relative safety of the neighbor’s kingdom.

All Louden could do was watch it run.


And he thought, “meh, I don’t like fast food anyway!” (get it?! hehe!!)

The end.

Have a great week!


I do my work at the same time every day – the last minute.

(Not really.)

I’m actually not much of a procrastinator… I’m more of a “work smart not hard” kind of gal.

Of course, it’s a little more difficult to work when this is going on around my computer & work station:

feeling around...

feeling around…

which led to this:

had to look at what he was playing around with...

had to get a better look at what he was playing around with…

So a little bit of playtime set me back a smidge today.

It happens.

How can it not when I’m dealing with a face like this?


focused playing — awwww!!

Yep. This is my daily life.

And I share with you a glimpse into my actual job…

as Louden’s staff!

Best. Job. Ever.

Playing outside with Louden

I’m not great at being inside all the time.

Snow and cold don’t scare me, either!

Good thing I have a cat who is just as much outdoorsy as his staff (me being the staff, of course!)

Today we went out and played a little bit before it starts to snow again.

And guess what?

I got more bubbles! YAY!

It may look like he's a bit startled by the bubble above, but don't let it fool ya - he's getting ready to pounce on it!

It may look like he’s a bit startled by the bubble above, but don’t let him fool ya – he’s getting ready to pounce on it!

Some even landed and didn’t pop so Louden got an up close and personal experience with them!

checking out the cluster of bubbles

checking out the cluster of bubbles

He got too close though:



He wasn’t too happy about it popping, either.

But he got over pretty quickly and took it out on some other ones — with both paws. Of course, he played more once I put the camera down.

Typical cat! geez!

Regardless, fun was had!