Merry Christmas, 2014

As the Christmas holiday draws near, I simply want to extend to all of you:


Hope Santa gets you all exactly what you wish for!


May you have the best holiday season yet!

Thanks for stopping by – have a great day!

Boxing day?

Yesterday I personally had a great Christmas that I got to spend with Mom, 1/2 my siblings and their kids; and lots of presents, food and fun!

And today? Well, today is Boxing Day!


That sounds like it requires a lot more exertion than I can muster on the day after Christmas! haha!

Instead, I went a little more low-key than that and enjoyed some exploration in some nearby woods:


(talk about a walk in the park!)


and a quite a bit of this:


What a perfect way to spend the day after a holiday!

(PS: to those of you who celebrate Boxing Day, please don’t write and explain to me that it’s not about the sport of boxing… I promise I know that already… I’m just doing some wordplay. I know you’re surprised to read that!)

Enjoy the rest of the day ~ it’s almost the weekend!

Merry Christmas!

Well, Santa made it here!


That’s one happy cat!

In the true spirit of the holiday, remember to love each other and cherish your time together.

Have a blessed and safe Christmas Day!

Much love to you all!

Happy Christmas Eve!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday & that Santa brings you everything you asked him for!


Merry Christmas!

Snow Cat

After I dug out of the 6.5 inches of snow we got, Louden ventured out.

He did much better with the snow than last time ~ he actually romped around in it:


And gave it his stamp of approval:


(stamp ~ get it?! hehe!!)

But when the brutally cold wind whipped up and blew a little snow at him, he turned to me and voiced his displeasure:

"Hey! I didn't like that one bit!"

“Hey! I didn’t like that one bit!”

I can’t blame him. I didn’t care for it at all, either. At the time the air temp was 3 degrees with a windchill of -17 degrees.

Yes, that’s MINUS 17!

…as in 17 degrees below zero!

…as in who wants to be outside in that anyway?!

Who, indeed!

Santa! That’s who!

One more shopping day until Christmas!

Loving Snow

It’s amazing what you see when you’re not looking…

if you just open your eyes!


Yes, I’m certain that what shows up in this photograph is at least 2 snowflakes, but a heart is a heart!

And I’m amazed by how many hearts have been appearing in my life!

Be open!

‘Tis the season!

Tropical Dreams

I looked back on the last week or so of posts and realized that they’ve mostly been of snow.

Add to that the current dreary, cloudy, rain/freezing-rain, waiting-for-six-to-12-inches-of-snowfall kind of day.

Then add to that a few family members and a friend who live in Florida that have called and asked “How’s the weather?” (snicker-guffaw) and “Is it sunny and 85 there today, too?” (did I mention snicker-guffaw?!)

And it makes a gal wax nostalgic for a short 6 months ago when I was lounging in the warmth of the Florida sunshine.

wait... is that green grass?!

beautiful water and breaking waves! wait… is that green grass?!

ahhh... feel that warm sun!

ahhh… feel that warm sun!

Again I want to make clear that I am not complaining about the current weather here (ok, maybe I am a little bit… I mean snow is ok but icy roads? that’s crap!) but even the photos of the blue ocean and sky and the sunshine are warming me up and putting a smile on my face.

Hope you all have a warm and happy Friday!

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