Thank You!

As 2013 comes to an end I want to take this time to thank you all for your support and encouragement!

You’ve all been right here with me as I have shared my journey through photographs and words over the past several months…


my assistant (very hard at work) thanks you, too!

and I hope you stick around for many more!

May all of you be blessed with a 2014 filled with peace, prosperity and love.

Enjoy your New Years Eve, wherever and however you celebrate it!

Having said that:
Please don’t drink and drive — or let anyone else do it either!

Blog changes


Do you see them?


Look at the right side column.

I added a photo carousel from some of the photographs I’ve shared on the blog so you can enjoy them as they fade from one to the next! (ooooooh… super-cool technology!!)


I made it easier to go to each of my galleries on my Imagekind website (YAY!) by listing the gallery links separately ~ which hopefully makes the navigation just a bit easier! Go check them out when you’re done with today’s blog! (I say that because the links don’t open in a new tab…)

collage for blog

I almost closed all my online sites, but thought better of it until I have a website of my own. Having said that, these three galleries are now the only place you can purchase any of my photographs ~ with the exception of purchasing from a gallery/show or contacting me directly.

More changes to come… I don’t know if it’s because I’m actually learning stuff or if it’s just the time of year to re-evaluate and reassess stuff!

I’m also making some goals for the next year that I’m very excited about (I won’t call them “resolutions” because of the negative connotation!) ~ taking small action-steps on the way to achieving each one!

Starting with: looking into easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate (and possibly free…) website options since I want to start including original paintings for sale in addition to photographs and posters! (Now that is a great goal, if I do say so myself!)

Hope all of you are having a great Monday!

What’s so great about today being a Monday?

It’s the last one you’ll have to worry about for the rest of the year! hahahahaha!!!

Prevalent View

Every. Day.


Saturday Signboard #28

Signboard #28 on the 28th!

That’s a fun coincidence (and maybe a good sign?!)

I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried!



PS: Happy Birthday to my brother (the one whose birthday is today! hehe!!) Hope you’re having a great day!!

Color or B&W

Today I’ve been doing some social media marketing for a friend’s business. Between edits and re-writes, I’ll take breaks waiting for approval or suggestions.

I’m not taking the kind of breaks that a normal person would take that would actually remove me from the computer (that would make sense! haha!) but rather I find myself, once again, going through my photos and playing with the editing tools.

And you know what I realized?

Sometimes simple editing is more impactful than anything all the fancy-schmancy editing tools can provide.

I admit, I can get carried away with some of the more “fun-looking” options (what a life I lead!) but today I found a photograph that, with the most simple of editing ~ from color to black & white ~ gave the feel of two completely different photos.

Look what I mean. First the color:


Now the black & white:


Same photograph but one feels alive ~ like you could just walk right into it and touch the evergreens; and the other is about contrast ~ stark and cold. (ok, well it’s a photo with snow, both feel cold! hehe!)

And I don’t know if it’s just me, but color photos read present-tense to me, where black & white seem to represent something out of the past.

Personally, I think both options are beautiful (pats self on back) but it is a good example of how different the same photograph can look or feel with just a little bit of editing.

Have a great Friday!

Boxing day?

Yesterday I personally had a great Christmas that I got to spend with Mom, 1/2 my siblings and their kids; and lots of presents, food and fun!

And today? Well, today is Boxing Day!


That sounds like it requires a lot more exertion than I can muster on the day after Christmas! haha!

Instead, I went a little more low-key than that and enjoyed some exploration in some nearby woods:


(talk about a walk in the park!)


and a quite a bit of this:


What a perfect way to spend the day after a holiday!

(PS: to those of you who celebrate Boxing Day, please don’t write and explain to me that it’s not about the sport of boxing… I promise I know that already… I’m just doing some wordplay. I know you’re surprised to read that!)

Enjoy the rest of the day ~ it’s almost the weekend!

Merry Christmas!

Well, Santa made it here!


That’s one happy cat!

In the true spirit of the holiday, remember to love each other and cherish your time together.

Have a blessed and safe Christmas Day!

Much love to you all!

Happy Christmas Eve!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday & that Santa brings you everything you asked him for!


Merry Christmas!

Snow Cat

After I dug out of the 6.5 inches of snow we got, Louden ventured out.

He did much better with the snow than last time ~ he actually romped around in it:


And gave it his stamp of approval:


(stamp ~ get it?! hehe!!)

But when the brutally cold wind whipped up and blew a little snow at him, he turned to me and voiced his displeasure:

"Hey! I didn't like that one bit!"

“Hey! I didn’t like that one bit!”

I can’t blame him. I didn’t care for it at all, either. At the time the air temp was 3 degrees with a windchill of -17 degrees.

Yes, that’s MINUS 17!

…as in 17 degrees below zero!

…as in who wants to be outside in that anyway?!

Who, indeed!

Santa! That’s who!

One more shopping day until Christmas!

Loving Snow

It’s amazing what you see when you’re not looking…

if you just open your eyes!


Yes, I’m certain that what shows up in this photograph is at least 2 snowflakes, but a heart is a heart!

And I’m amazed by how many hearts have been appearing in my life!

Be open!

‘Tis the season!