Exhibit Photographs

A couple of months ago, I shared that I had 2 photographs that had been selected to show in a juried gallery exhibit.

Yesterday was the final day of the show so today I thought I’d share the chosen photographs, especially since many of you were unable to attend since it was in a local-to-me gallery.

Both were exhibited in a “frameless” frame, so they look similar to how they show up in this blog.



"Blue Beauty"

“Blue Beauty”

They are now for sale and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Just send me an email if you’re interested!

It was truly an honor to be a part of this multi-artist show.

Now onto the next thing!

…well, the next several things!

PS: I also want to wish my 2 brother’s who share a birthday today a very Happy Birthday!

Blog changes


Do you see them?


Look at the right side column.

I added a photo carousel from some of the photographs I’ve shared on the blog so you can enjoy them as they fade from one to the next! (ooooooh… super-cool technology!!)


I made it easier to go to each of my galleries on my Imagekind website (YAY!) by listing the gallery links separately ~ which hopefully makes the navigation just a bit easier! Go check them out when you’re done with today’s blog! (I say that because the links don’t open in a new tab…)

collage for blog

I almost closed all my online sites, but thought better of it until I have a website of my own. Having said that, these three galleries are now the only place you can purchase any of my photographs ~ with the exception of purchasing from a gallery/show or contacting me directly.

More changes to come… I don’t know if it’s because I’m actually learning stuff or if it’s just the time of year to re-evaluate and reassess stuff!

I’m also making some goals for the next year that I’m very excited about (I won’t call them “resolutions” because of the negative connotation!) ~ taking small action-steps on the way to achieving each one!

Starting with: looking into easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate (and possibly free…) website options since I want to start including original paintings for sale in addition to photographs and posters! (Now that is a great goal, if I do say so myself!)

Hope all of you are having a great Monday!

What’s so great about today being a Monday?

It’s the last one you’ll have to worry about for the rest of the year! hahahahaha!!!

Saturday Signboard #21

Wherever you may be…


enjoy your weekend!

PS: Last night’s Small Works Show opening reception was a HUGE success! So much talent in one gallery… I’m truly honored to have been chosen to be a participant!! Thanks to all who attended! The show will be up until Jan 6th with a second opening during Downtown Iowa City’s “Celebrate the Season” in December ~ details will follow! Thanks again everyone!

Making lemonade (or margaritas!)

So, I found out that I am not the only blogger that is having troubles with my widgets and buttons and menus (oh my! hehe!) which made me breathe a little bit easier since I no longer fear user error.


Apparently there have been site upgrades for the templated blogs (those of us that don’t know our html from a hole in the ground) and there are a few bugs (apparently from the hole in the ground! hehe!)

Let it be said that I take things with a grain of salt (see above: margarita! hehe!) and a bit of humor.

In the current state of the site, I’m not able to share any new photographs or posters ~ which is a total bummer for us all!


I CAN re-share a previous blog! (yaaayyyy! <—Kermit)

So I’ve decided to repost this one (and encourage any bloggers to repost/reblog it as well), since I’d really like it if all of you remembered to send a card to someone in the Military currently serving and unable to be home at Christmastime:


Also, CR/IC people, remember to come out to Chait Gallery tomorrow (Friday the 8th) for the Small Works Show opening reception from 5-8pm (central time) it’s free and open to the public and all art is for sale ~ plus, I’d love to see you!

Photowalk 26

More Autumn loveliness!

Today is a rainy and dreary day here so I’m sharing some photographs I took a few days ago when it was sunny.

It’s also an attempt to raise my own spirits because of the weather, of course, but also because I’ve been (trying to) add photograph options to my online galleries and running into some of the usual pull-your-hair-out moments. Having said that, I was able to add a “POP” art gallery on my Imagekind site (http://ArtbyCarol.imagekind.com/POP) and will slowly get more on the “Nature” gallery and also on the Fine Art America site. (I’ll add the urls for those tomorrow!)

In the meantime, enjoy Fall!




So pretty, right?!

See ya tomorrow!

PS: Locals! Remember that the Small Works Show exhibit opens Friday evening and runs through the beginning of January. I hope some of you can make it ~ I’d love to see you!

More editing fun

Yep. Found another fun editing tool.

This one plays with the photographs pixels.

I’ve found in playing with this that I like them more abstract so you can only kind of tell what the subject of the photograph is, but also that they look really different at different sizes.

I found this to be a bit of a drawback, but of course it didn’t keep me from playing and sharing!

me and my daisies!

me and my daisies!

this would make a cool paper collage...

this would make a cool paper collage… lots of glue…

So that’s what I’ve been doing on this cool and cloudy Monday. Fun!

Hope you’re having a great start to your week!

Please check out my earlier post https://artbycarolcook.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/remember-our-heroes-at-christmas/ ~ it’ll feel great when you remember to send a card to an active Military member this year!

Also, don’t forget if you’re local, the Opening Reception of the Small Works Show at Chait Galleries Downtown (Iowa City) is this Friday evening! Hope to see some of you there!

Juried Art Show

I just got news that 2 of my photographs have been chosen to show in an upcoming juried art show!!

That’s local to me!

And they will show during the holiday season!


I’m so excited!

I won’t even dwell on the thought that I entered 3 photographs ~ which means this one, sadly, was not chosen:

my Guardian Angel smiling from Heaven

my Guardian Angel smiling from Heaven

Not chosen to show, but always watching over me!!

Anyway, would you like to see the ones that were chosen?


Come see them!

This is where they’ll be from November 8, 2013 through January 6, 2014:

The Small Works Show at The Chait Galleries Downtown, Iowa City, IA

The Small Works Show at The Chait Galleries Downtown, Iowa City, IA

I hope my local friends can stop in at some point and enjoy not only my photographs, but all of the amazing 2D and 3D artwork that will be displayed during this gallery event!

More details will follow!

I do know I have ‘geographically challenged’ blog followers and friends, so I promise I will show the 2 “chosen ones” once the show opens!

Oh, and did I mention, WOO HOO?!?!