Unintentional Hiatus

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted – guess I let some other stuff get in the way of writing. (like life-stuff, I suppose…)

Didn’t get in the way of taking photos, though. (yay!)

But boy have I taken some stinkers! No, I won’t share them – I’m confident that you all know how to spot a bad photograph, you don’t need my assistance!

Having said that, I’ve taken some really good nature and florals, too!

I’ve even added a few to my Imagekind site (link to the right and at the bottom of the photograph):

"Toward the Sun" available for purchase at:  www.artbycarol.imagekind.com

“Toward the Sun” available for purchase at: http://www.artbycarol.imagekind.com

Some days I’m ever-so-glad to be a photographer in the digital world. It makes the taking of bad photos less serious (horrible? burdensome? embarrassing?)

but then I wonder…

What if it’s making me a lazy artist, too?

I mean, sure, I can take dozens (or hundreds) of photographs and sift through them to find the best ones, and then sift through those to find the best or most interesting to show/share/sell – and while it may be a little more time-consuming, it’s a lot less stressful (especially financially!)

But is that “better” than taking the time to set up and only capture a few (hopefully) really good photos?

Or maybe there’s truth in the old saying “practice makes perfect” – and taking many photos allows myself to continue to learn and grow.

Yeah! There’s the positive spin! the silver-lining! the half-full glass!

I’ll just keep doing that!

I’ve also made some progress on the drawings, but I think I’ll only share them again when they’re complete(ish).

And I’m working on a new logo — and subsequent website — to be unveiled in the near future.

Hmm… guess I’m not so lazy after all! (whew! haha!!)

Thanks for stopping by – Enjoy your day!