Better a thousand times careful…

Today started out normal (well as close to normal as I can get! ha!) ~ I wasn’t sure what I wanted to post about, so I flexed my procrastination muscle and went about finding other things to do.

You know it must be bad when I decide that laundry is a better use of my time than work, but it does have to get done, right?

As I was in the laundry room, I smelled something “hot” ~ as in burning ~ and being the dutiful daughter of a retired firefighter, the fire department was called. Louden was put in his carrier and outside we went (thank God it wasn’t still raining or storming!)

And then came the fire trucks. 4 of them. For a little-itty-bitty-not-even-visible potential house fire (apparently the house is in-between 2 stations so they both get the call. I’m ok with it, more of them to love!)

Making what could be an even longer story short (well, shorter) ~ after using an infrared scan to make sure there wasn’t something smouldering in the chimney or furnace or dryer or wall, they said everything was ok.


And then the one stand-up comic of the bunch says: “Some people will do anything to get out of laundry day…” HAHAHA!! Thank you funny fireman! I was feeling a little shaken, then embarrassed and idiotic for calling and having it turn out to be nothing so your joke did relieve me a bit… but don’t quit your day job! (Please don’t! Not because you’re not funny, but because you’re a firefighter.)

God Bless Firefighters!

God Bless Firefighters!

On the other hand, he may have been on to something…. like: some people (ahem, cough-cough) seem to do just about anything to have something to blog about!

PS: Thank you, Firefighters ~ every day!






Trying Something New!

In my attempts to make my art & photography more visible, I’m delving into new retail territory starting with this:
I opened a new online “Zazzle” store today!

This storefront will show items for sale like t-shirts, waterbottles, mugs, even stuff for baby! These will all be things that aren’t frameable (unless you want to frame a mousepad! haha!)

Framed art will continue to be available at my Fine Art America website and hopefully again on my Imagekind website, too!

Right now I have only 4 designs, but anything I’ve shown/blogged can be made available!

Click on the link below and please give me some feedback for content and ease of site use!

And more to the point, make sure you order those items that you want!


Expanding Soul

Sunsets can be breath-taking. You can catch them in virtually every color of the rainbow (although I admit to never seeing a green sunset…) Did you ever notice that clouds make them so much more interesting?

That’s a concept that I am learning to apply to life.

I may have clouds or rainy days, but somewhere along the line I get to appreciate how much more beautiful they make my life. (Your mind is now blown, right?! you’re welcome!)

After all, I do keep saying that life is so much more fun and exciting when there are twists and turns and ups and downs!

On the other hand, sunsets are quite beautiful without the metaphor for life, too…


Noticing and appreciating all the beauty that is Nature… and getting a free Soul Expansion.




Stay on the bike

Life sure does feel like a balancing act, doesn’t it?

And I know it’s not just me, but some days are a lot more work balancing than others!

Like me as an artist, for example. Some days it’s all about the art, other days it’s about the business of it all, but most days it’s a mix of both.

I’m not asking for it to be completely easy, I like challenges ~ but on days like today I’d really, really, really like to know what “easy” feels like!


I guess that’s the key… just keep moving.

Have a great Wednesday!

ps: Yes, the artwork used for the poster above is my own, in case you were wondering…

After the rain

Where I live it’s been raining lately. A lot. More than we need at the moment, so if anyone knows Mother Nature personally, please ask her to ease up a bit! Maybe average the rain over a period of weeks and months instead of hours. Just a thought…

Anyway, here’s my silver lining.

One thing I like to do after it rains is take photos, especially of flowers. The added depth and interest of the rain drops still clinging to the petals can be really beautiful.

exhibit A

exhibit A

exhibit B

exhibit B

exhibit C (one of my favorite pics, taken last summer) also took a "runner up" place in an international online photo contest!

exhibit C
(one of my favorite pics, taken last summer)
also took a “runner up” place in an international online photo contest!

This is definitely one of the easier photography techniques to add to your portfolio… all you need is rain and a little focus!

So, get out there and take some photos!



Memorial Day

Today is the official day to honor the memory of those who served our country and gave their all…

in memory of my Dad, USAF Sgt. Wayne Cook

in memory of my Dad,
USAF Sgt. Wayne Cook

…but let’s remember them EVERY day.