Happy Halloween

Spooktacularly creepy Louden!


Have a faBOOlous holiday!

It’s raining…

It’s been awhile since we had rain and I’m distracted by it… the sound is so soothing.


It makes me want to curl up on my bed and just listen to it…

Unfortunately the bed is currently curled up upon by the furball.

Who also is snoring.

I guess I’ll go enjoy it somewhere else!

It’s raining. It’s pouring. The ol’ cat is snoring… (that’s how that goes, right?! haha!)

seems about right…

Yesterday I talked about black squirrels and how “it seems this is all I ever see in the yard and my neighborhood.” (yeah, I said that… yesterday… one whole day ago…)

So, because Mother Nature has such a funny sense of humor, lookie what I saw today:




Yep. Two different-but-similar, average ol’ gray/brown squirrels.

It would seem, then, that I actually see all kinds of squirrels in the yard and neighborhood…

except when the hawks are out! haha! (yeah, I went there! haha!)

Maybe this means the winter will be a little less harsh, too?! Right?!

Urban Wildlife

It may be coming clear to you that I like to photograph (some may say “stalk” hehe!) animals here in my city.

It’s an ongoing photography theme I have and of course, some seem a bit more interesting (read: photogenic) than others.

To that end, have you ever seen a black squirrel? 


(you have now! hehe!)

I was surprised to read that they’re rare, since it seems this is all I ever see in the yard and my neighborhood.


However, out of the squirrel population of the United States, apparently only one in ten thousand is black. (Who knew?!)

Some people believe that seeing a black squirrel will bring good luck and financial prosperity.

(Alright! I’m a believer!! Send some right on to me, thanks!!)


Unfortunately, there is also the myth (let’s hope!) that an abundance of black squirrels in the fall indicated an above average harsh winter. (That’s what the Farmer’s Almanac also says for this winter… uh oh!)

Louden just says they look tasty (but he’ll never know since I won’t let him near one!)

And also? They’re really kinda cute.


Autumn Advice

Spending time in the great outdoors…

(because play = fun!)

(because play = fun!)

Fun is good!


Saturday Signboard #19

Autumn poetry:


“Listen! The wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves,
we have had our summer evenings,
now for October eves!”
(H. Wolfe)

Hope you’re having a great Saturday
(I’ve been doing yard work on a beautiful autumn day!)

Cats & Boxes

What is it with cats and boxes? They just can’t help themselves, can they?

But, one certain cat-that-shall-not-be-named should be careful.

(insert evil laugh here… muahahaha!)

You know what I’m talking about.

You’ve heard the commercial:

If it fits…


it ships.

Besides, they say good things come in small packages, right?!

(again, “small” being a relative term… can a 17 pound cat be considered small?? hehe!)

Happy Friday!