Peaking through

It’s a dreary day.

But the sun has been trying very hard to be seen, but it’s not easy.

Especially from behind a giant pine and the cover of clouds:

A little bit of flare from the peaking sun...

A little bit of solar flare from the peaking sun…

The wind has been howling, too, so I didn’t really want to go far out in it.

But I did trek a little to see if I could fetch a little Vitamin D!

the sun trying so hard to be seen and a few flurries in the mix, too! (the darkish spots are snowflakes)

the sun trying so hard to be seen and a few flurries in the mix, too!
(the darkish spots are snowflakes)

Yet as I type this I notice a super-bright light dancing through my window!

Thanks, weather, for keeping my blog posts and photographs up-to-the-moment relevant! (uh, that would be sarcasm right there!)


But I’m not complaining ~ I mean, after all, the sun is shining now!

Have a great end to your day!

Facing the sunshine

Simply, this quote speaks to me today:


Keepin’ it positive.

Have a great day!

Photowalk 20

Today’s photowalk is brought to you by the letters “U” and “P”



Sometimes the photowalks aren’t about a specific destination. Sometimes they’re about a theme.

Sunny Day...

solar flare through the leaves

(of course, I totally love the solar flare!)

clouds relflecting the sunset...

clouds reflecting the sunset

And there’s always something to be found on/around the pergola:

Mourning Doves nesting atop the pergola

Mourning Doves nesting

They both were giving me the stink-eye for getting so close, too!

There are seemingly unlimited ‘themes’ to choose from when I do my photowalks. I have a list that I add to regularly and I don’t necessarily cross anything off that list even though I’ve featured it here.

I also have some ongoing themes, too – like ones that take a specific subject through the seasons, or the alphabet/numbers.

And of course, there are more states to explore!

But today, I simply looked up.

Keep Shining

I spent most of the day out in the sunshine taking photographs and enjoying the day.

I appreciated time well spent and reflected on the choices I’ve made to live and pursue my current path.

As you know, I choose to see my glass full regardless of the opinions of the nay-sayers and doubters in my life.

So I share this with you as we enter into our Friday evening…


Keep shining ~ let them wear dark glasses!

Happy Weekend!

Photowalk 15

Today we photowalk for the final time in Florida (again with the alliteration! fantastic! <–haha!)

We’re still in the Fernandina/Yulee/Amelia Island area ~ a bit further inland (as opposed to the beach) but the sentiment remains the same:


Afterall, this is Florida… it’s a vacation, right?

So sit back and enjoy the shade and the tall trees…

we could hike the path...

we could hike the path…

or lie back and enjoy the view of the tops of the tall pines

or lie back and enjoy the view of the tops of the tall pines

fyi ~ option #2 will take place from:



So I guess this wasn’t as much a “walk” as a sit-back-and-relax! And it’s also where the lines of the states start to blur. If I didn’t tell you this was north Florida, would you have known?

Me either.

I do hope you enjoyed the East Coast of Florida as I explored and frolicked… I enjoyed sharing it with you!

The next photowalks will be an amalgam of states. I’m considering making a game of it. I’ll share the photographs, you guess where I am!

Fun, huh?!

I think so, too!

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What’s up?

Sometimes you just have to find a moment to breathe in nature and relax.

enjoying the tall pines & solar flare

enjoying the tall pines & solar flare

That’s what’s up!

Lie on your back under some trees and enjoy.

PS: This is a preview of the final Florida photowalk (or should that be ‘fotowalk’? regardless, nice alliteration, right?!)

Also, remember to check out and “like” my facebook page ( for the upcoming sale!


Today’s the first day of summer where I live!

YAY! (Kermit, again! haha!)

What does summer mean to you?

I still look forward to the sunshine, and being tan, and sitting in the shade with an ice-cold-beverage-of-choice, and enjoying the whole day outside, and all those great summer images!

And all that other stuff too, like: mosquitos the size of a car… humidity you can cut with a knife… sunburns… thunderstorms (wait, I like storms…)


boy… today sure is going to be a L-O-N-G day!

(get it? because it’s the solstice, so that means it’s the longest day/shortest night of the year! bwahahahahaha!! that’s funny stuff right there!)

Bonus: it’s Friday, too!!

Longer Happy Hour?!?! 🙂

Warm Moments

Pretty great day today!

Dreary morning turned into a b-e-a-utiful day!

A call from that one person that seems to know exactly what to say (or not say) that makes me smile to my soul and once again reminds me that life appears however I choose it.

Choosing to love it, of course!


Not bad for a Monday… not bad at all!

I also got some face-time with one of my nieces ~ her smile can brighten anyone’s day.

AND, in celebration of what would be Maurice “Where the Wild Things Are” Sendak’s 85th birthday (RIP), Google did up their home page right! Now, I don’t normally say anything like this (and whatever other things one says when they are trying very hard to remain neutral) but you should check it out.


Take Sunday off? hahaha! Not me! I’ve been putting together some information and photo-collages to help me get freelance jobs as a photographer and/or blogger (and/or artist… and/or anything in my wheelhouse!)

Here are some simple collages I made:

braving the elements of Winter to capture it's beauty

braving the elements of Winter to capture its beauty


Wildlife... and not-so-wild-Louden

Wildlife… and not-so-wild-Louden


Structural photography

Structural photography


Flora and my Guardian Angel

Flora and my Guardian Angel

I’m absolutely continuing to sell my photographs individually to adorn your walls! But I do hope, at the very least, I can get some of these used as stock photography as well.

Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday ~ get out and about… and don’t forget your camera!