Serious art

Sometimes when I set out to spend time with the computer, editing is the furthest thing from my mind or agenda.

But as I continue on this artistic journey, I find that breaking out of the comfortable and into the abstract is becoming more of a desire than a chore.

And I’m finding also that at times editing can take a rather pedestrian photo and make it (at the very least) a bit more fun.

Oscar Wilde once said: “Art is the only serious thing in the world…

and the Artist is the only person who is never serious.”

I don’t think he was being literal (at least I hope not!)

And as far as being serious? I personally wouldn’t go so far as to say ‘never’ – but I certainly attempt it less often!


Not much would change without creativity…


so do what makes you happy.




More editing fun

Yep. Found another fun editing tool.

This one plays with the photographs pixels.

I’ve found in playing with this that I like them more abstract so you can only kind of tell what the subject of the photograph is, but also that they look really different at different sizes.

I found this to be a bit of a drawback, but of course it didn’t keep me from playing and sharing!

me and my daisies!

me and my daisies!

this would make a cool paper collage...

this would make a cool paper collage… lots of glue…

So that’s what I’ve been doing on this cool and cloudy Monday. Fun!

Hope you’re having a great start to your week!

Please check out my earlier post ~ it’ll feel great when you remember to send a card to an active Military member this year!

Also, don’t forget if you’re local, the Opening Reception of the Small Works Show at Chait Galleries Downtown (Iowa City) is this Friday evening! Hope to see some of you there!

Comic Pop

I guess Monday’s are for playing with editing tools.

More to the point: I really like playing with the ones that abstract my photographs into something pop-art-ish.

And guess what?

I found another one! This one adds the dots like in old comic strips, which is one of my favorite styles (genre?) of art.

Homage to the Comic Strip!

Something like this:


I’ve noticed that I am preferring the busier photographs when I pop ’em like this ~ so far, anyway.

The thing I will continue to remind you all is that this is digital, so keep experimenting! It’s not permanent. If you don’t like how your editing is turning out, simply click cancel or undo and then try something else.

Much like taking photographs, the key to remember is to practice and do and continue to grow and try new things!

So you do that, then.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to keep playing & having fun… darn it! (hehe!)

Car Pop

I’m at it again.

More editing tool fun.

New subject ~ a 1956 Chevy.


Cool, eh? (yeah, I think so!)

I’m really enjoying working with the editing tools and abstracting photographs. I’m looking for at least one more program (software) to try out to do more abstracts, too (so if you know of any or use one, let me know!)

Cars are really cool subjects, too! I’d say especially ones that are easily recognizable and Classic cars.

I’ll keep looking into it!

Anything new and fun to keep me creating as I strive to grow as an artist!


Wonder what I’ve been doing on this beautiful summer Monday?

Just a bit of experimenting with my photographs!

I’m feeling that it’s (past) time for me to break out of my usual and hop, skip & jump into the abstract.

I love Pop-Art.

And like many others, Warhol is one of the first artists I think of and look to for inspiration.

If you remember from not so long ago, this was my first attempt:


I personally love that and would hang it in my own home (maybe it already is on my wall!?!)

But I want to keep pushing it outside the box!

So here’s what I’ve done the past few days:


Bright colors and a bit of detail (but not too much!) — I like it!

I’m definitely getting closer! I’ll keep trying (it’s FUN!) I’m really enjoying pushing myself to a totally different artistic space.

When I get a few more together, I’ll get them up on my gallery site for sale!

Oh. And speaking of sales…

The online photography sale is in its final days!! 

For details, prices and to view images, click on this link:


click this one to my facebook page (I’d love it if you “like” the page, but it’s not required to see the sale!) :