Tonight’s the Night

Thought I’d take the time to remind you:


…As if anyone actually needs to be reminded!

I mean, it’s not like Spring is just around the corner or anything!

(can you feel it?!)

Anyway, enjoy your [shortened] weekend!

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Saturday Signboard #35

Not everyone will understand your dreams, passions, or ambitions.

And that’s okay!


Believe in yourself.

All of a sudden

It’s been a nice, quiet, sunshiny kind of afternoon.

But for a moment…


in the tree across the street…


there were birds…


Lots and lots of ’em.

And then they left as quickly as they appeared.

Felt like I was in a scene from the Hitchcock movie! (or Mel Brooks! haha!)

And Louden?

Slept through the whole thing!

It’s a nice, quiet, sunshiny kind of afternoon again.


Walking in a nearby park and I come upon a couple of geese…

who apparently did not get the memo:

Fly South!

Fly South!

Do you see that the one closer to me was chattering at me.

And when I turned to walk away from them, it turned to chase after me.

Geese are mean! (they really are, we had some when I lived on a farm ~ seriously mean little buggers!)

Anyway,  I turned back and walked towards them.

So they flew off.

But went north (duh!)

Fine Feathered Friend

Every morning I go outside (mostly at the loud urging of my assistant) and one of the first things I do is put down seed for the birds.

And every morning, Mr. Cardinal chirps his greeting to me (how nice!)

…either that or he’s asking me what the heck took me so long to get his food to him.

…or he’s telling me that he sees Louden lurking around and he’s not a fan.

When I replied to him (what? I don’t talk to birds!)

What I meant to say was:
When I listened to his song, it occurred to me that Mr. Cardinal and I have spent some quality time together and, after searching through my photographs, I found that I have in fact chronicled our year together:

4 season cardinal1

Know what else?

It also means that I have completed a Photowalk idea off my list, and I didnt’ even realize it until today!

“follow one subject (ex: tree) throughout the year and photograph it in each season”

Thanks Mr. Cardinal!

Because of this realization and in the spirit of the new year, I’m making a serious effort to be more aware of my artistic goals and ideas; take them more seriously; and improve upon them when I can.

Goals are good!