Say “Why Not?”

If I understand one thing fully it’s this:  the only thing that can truly stop me from reaching my goals and fulfilling my dreams, is me.

Even when the world rears up and gets in my face ~ and gives me every reason to give up ~ I am the one who still holds the power through choice and belief.

That’s not special just for me, ya know.

“To achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, determination, and dedication.”


All things are possible for those who believe.

Saturday Signboard #29

Get out there and fly!


Take some time

I love being busy.

It makes the days breeze right on by.

That’s good and bad.

So to make sure I don’t miss everything, I take breaks during the day to take a deep breath and reflect a little (especially since it was recently pointed out to me that I sometimes take my days for granted!)


It’s a good reminder ~ to take time to enjoy the little things.

Chasing Butterflies

Drawn in by an elusive butterfly again! (and not the old Glen Campbell song, either… it’s a good one, but it’s no Gentle on My Mind! hehe!)

This type of butterfly is called a Red Admiral (I think… I’m no expert or anything… but I saluted, just in case! haha!!)

It started out on the bricks on the floor of the pergola:


Then flitted up to the top of the pergola:


But finally it let me get fairly close (of course, it may have just conceded landing because I might have worn it out from following it around the yard and it needed a rest… or it’s really friendly!) anyway, it landed on the seat of the swing :


Tired? or Friendly? Regardless, at least it posed in the nicest way possible for me! You can even see the texture/colors and the tips of the antennae ~ really cool, huh?

Now, you all know I like to look up symbolism and stuff, right? So, what I found is that an orange & black butterfly that lets you get close (or flits around you) is a symbol of luck and/or new beginnings.

I like it!

Thanks, Admiral!

PS: Today is post #200!! Thanks for taking this adventure with me ~ hope you stick around for more!

Broken Wings

Happy Monday!  (what a strange thing to say!! how many times have you ever heard that?! haha!)

This morning I was out in the yard and saw the flitting of a large butterfly ~ a kind I’d never seen up close before (yay new butterfly!) ~  and, of course, had to grab the camera!

The amazing thing I noticed as I got closer (and as you’ll see in the photos) was that this butterfly had broken wings. It flitted along just as any other I’ve seen, happily sharing its beauty.

I had the honor of this butterfly sharing its beauty with me

I had the honor of this butterfly sharing its beauty with me

which made it even more beautiful

which made it even more beautiful

As I thought about it I realized this is a wonderful metaphor for life!

We can walk through our lives, letting things that break us also trip us up or stop us


we can happily share our own beauty and let those ‘broken wings’ carry us to our goals and dreams.

And, since I believe in symbolism:
the black butterfly is associated with change, transition, freedom and rebirth… and the death of all the bad things and misfortunes!