Saturday Signboard #27

It’s the Winter Solstice

(wow, doesn’t today seem like a really, really short day?! haha!!)


Welcome the returning sun with joy!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday Signboard #26

Magical and oh-so pretty!


…but it’s still Autumn!

“Fall”ing down

The splashes-of-color-that-is-Autumn’s-beauty are all but a memory… and, of course, a bunch of photographs.

I’m already waxing nostalgic and it’s only been like 1-2 weeks since Mother Nature painted nature with her vibrance. (hey, how about that, I’m not so bad with the words and describing and stuff, right?!)

It’s this time of year, and early spring, that seem to just brown out into the background.

So what could I possibly find to photograph?

Leaves, of course.

There are piles and piles of leaves.

Sure. I guess you could say they’re kinda ‘drab’ compared to the colors they were not too long ago, but there is still something special…

jump in!

jump in!

leaf diversity

leaf diversity

forest floor

forest floor

Spent the previous weeks looking up and around, imagine my surprise at how much beauty can be found looking down.

All I had to do was see it.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Too quickly

Well, we knew it was going to happen.





(Yep, both photographs are of the same burning bush in the front yard, taken only about a week apart.)

“Change is a measure of time and, in the Autumn, time seems speeded up…” (Teale)

Speeded up, indeed.


Raking help

Safe day of leaf-raking.

How do I know?

Everything was properly cat-scanned!


It is kinda cute how he plays with the leaves, hoping one turns into a bird or rodent of some kind!

Don’t be fooled though.

He embraces more of a “supervisory” role.

Ok, actually he was more interested in chasing birds… not quite the kind of help I was looking for!

Photowalk 27

A few days ago I went for a hike and everything was in beautiful shades of gold.

So apparently, I was hiking at the end of a rainbow (get it? because of all the gold! haha!)


Well, anyway, after the recent snow and subsequent leaves-turning-brown-and-falling-off-the-trees-way-too-soon (which makes me feel a bit Autumn-cheated), I thought I’d share my hike with you.

I started down this path:


and found myself here:


and looked up and saw:


and finished my hike here:


Have you ever seen such amazing golden foliage?

Reds have a tendency to catch my eye as they show off their vibrance, but this was so beautiful to walk under and through.

I was awed.

But alas (<– I love that word!), soon I will be waxing poetic about snow…

Photowalk 26

More Autumn loveliness!

Today is a rainy and dreary day here so I’m sharing some photographs I took a few days ago when it was sunny.

It’s also an attempt to raise my own spirits because of the weather, of course, but also because I’ve been (trying to) add photograph options to my online galleries and running into some of the usual pull-your-hair-out moments. Having said that, I was able to add a “POP” art gallery on my Imagekind site ( and will slowly get more on the “Nature” gallery and also on the Fine Art America site. (I’ll add the urls for those tomorrow!)

In the meantime, enjoy Fall!




So pretty, right?!

See ya tomorrow!

PS: Locals! Remember that the Small Works Show exhibit opens Friday evening and runs through the beginning of January. I hope some of you can make it ~ I’d love to see you!