Merry Christmas, 2014

As the Christmas holiday draws near, I simply want to extend to all of you:


Hope Santa gets you all exactly what you wish for!


May you have the best holiday season yet!

Thanks for stopping by – have a great day!


Merry Christmas!

Well, Santa made it here!


That’s one happy cat!

In the true spirit of the holiday, remember to love each other and cherish your time together.

Have a blessed and safe Christmas Day!

Much love to you all!

Tropical Dreams

I looked back on the last week or so of posts and realized that they’ve mostly been of snow.

Add to that the current dreary, cloudy, rain/freezing-rain, waiting-for-six-to-12-inches-of-snowfall kind of day.

Then add to that a few family members and a friend who live in Florida that have called and asked “How’s the weather?” (snicker-guffaw) and “Is it sunny and 85 there today, too?” (did I mention snicker-guffaw?!)

And it makes a gal wax nostalgic for a short 6 months ago when I was lounging in the warmth of the Florida sunshine.

wait... is that green grass?!

beautiful water and breaking waves! wait… is that green grass?!

ahhh... feel that warm sun!

ahhh… feel that warm sun!

Again I want to make clear that I am not complaining about the current weather here (ok, maybe I am a little bit… I mean snow is ok but icy roads? that’s crap!) but even the photos of the blue ocean and sky and the sunshine are warming me up and putting a smile on my face.

Hope you all have a warm and happy Friday!

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Dad’s been gone for a while now, but there’s that hand-full of days every year when he’s on my mind and I miss him more than usual.

Today would’ve been his birthday.

(I made the text yellow because in the months before he passed it was the only color he could see clearly)

(I made the text yellow because in the months before he passed it was the only color he could see clearly)

My memories from my youth are that he loved this time of year with his birthday (after all he was 39 every year! hehe!!) and Christmas ~ so today is definitely a day of celebration of his life.

And (as they say) he’s always right here with me as long as he’s in my heart.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

A week away!

Christmas is next week already!

(As if anyone needed a reminder!)


Soon it will be here!

Excited yet?

I am!

Me & Santa go way back ~ I’m sure he’ll be stopping by!

I have been very good this year! (…week? …today?) hehe!

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collage for blog

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