World Gratitude Day

World Gratitude Day is today (Sept. 21st)
It’s not a well-known or even particularly observed “holiday”

But that’s okay.
Let’s just make every day “Gratitude Day”!
It begins like this: “I am grateful for…”
See how easy?!
Thanks for stopping by – have a wonderful day!


Did you know?

Apparently there is this amazing phenomenon that happens every single day – it’s called “the Sunrise” (I can hear your oooo’s and ahhh’s!)

Of course I say “apparently” because this chick does not get up to see the sunrise on a daily basis. (I’m not crazy!! hehe!)

And, on those rare and special occasions that I do drag-butt out of bed and have the presence of mind to have the camera ready to go, I can capture some really beautiful scenes:

Through the trees.

Through the trees.

And show evidence that there are those who rise much, much earlier:

Criss-cross trails.

Criss-cross trails – beautiful colors!

Now, we all know that I could wax philosophical here about how there are only a fixed number of sunrises and sunsets to be enjoyed in a lifetime, which is why this self-proclaimed “not-a-morning-chick” gets out of bed and captures a sunrise every now and then (sunsets are so much easier!)

But I won’t…

because we are all lucky enough to get 7 whole sunrises ever week!

Ok, I’ll stop.

For now.

Saturday Signboard #36

Be grateful for what you have now.


As you begin to think about all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will be amazed at how many thoughts come back to you of more things to be grateful for.

It’s an inside kind of day

And the weather here changes again.

Today we’re getting lots of rain and thunderstorms.

Admittedly, I’m a big fan of thunderstorms – strange, perhaps, but true!

But they do put a damper (ahem, ‘damper’… get it?! haha!!) on any outdoor activities.

So this is how we’re passing the time today:


Ok, really it’s mostly this:


Best way to spend a rainy day!

Snow Love

Weather is funny.

Yesterday it was about 20 degrees and we had 7 inches of snow.

Today it’s almost 50 degrees and sunny.

What is this? Colorado?! (it isn’t…)

Anyway, I thought I’d share another photograph from my snow photowalk yesterday.

It’s a reminder that love is all around…




Photowalk 32

I’m enjoying a beautiful snow day today.

Of course I realize it’s been a snowy winter…

so I also realize that I’m one of the few that would use the words “enjoy” or “beautiful” in reference to the white & fluffy stuff!

During the heavier snowfall, I grabbed the camera and took a few photos from around the yard and neighborhood.


Not the best place to sit unless you want a cold rear! That’s about 7 inches of snow on that swing, and it’s still coming down!


Snow sticking to some left-over fall foliage, the bird bath & snowfall in the background made for a nice shot.


Now that’s a Snow Angel!

Even though most people I know are tired of it, I’m having a good time with winter.

To me there’s something peaceful about fresh snowfall.

It makes the world seem quieter and brighter at the same time.

And it is, after all, one of my four favorite seasons! (hehehe!!)

Have a great week!

Warmth and sunshine

It made it over freezing today for the first time in what feels like months (but surely can’t have been, right?!)

39 degrees as a matter of fact – that’s downright balmy!

And it’s slowly melting which is filling up the local creeks:




coming toward ya!


By afternoon, that snow was off the top of the rocks.

This warm up is also definitely a plus for my neighbor, this is his house:


Some of those icicles are about 2 feet long… not good, but the (relatively) warm temperature and sunshine shrank them a little.

Anyway, it was fun being outside on a day like today after so many super-cold, snowy and cloudy days…

and even though it’s supposed to get colder and snow again.

Ah, such is winter!

Saturday Signboard #34

Here’s an idea!


Create every day!

ps: “develop a mindset…” — get it?!

It’s pretty punny (that’s a funny pun) for a photographer!

Enjoy your weekend!


Dream big dreams.


There is nothing that works faster than for you to cast off your own limitations…

and dream about the wonderful things that you can become, have, and do.


Photowalk 31

Doing a little post-shutter-click editing and made a couple of winter black & white photographs.

If the settings aren’t right, you can run the risk of having a blob of grays instead of a good black vs. white contrast.

And it turned out to be a little more difficult to get a good result than I thought it would!

This one is from a nearby park with a creek that runs through it.

From a nearby park with a creek that runs through it.

Blowing snows plays on the solitude of the bench.

Blowing snow contrasts the shadows of the back side of the bench.

Dense area of trees in another park nearby -- shows it's a bit more difficult to contrast when there is subject density... but the trees are cool!

Dense area of trees in another park nearby — shows it’s a bit more difficult to contrast when there is subject density… the shape of the tree branches are cool!

Black & white works well with winter (alliteration, you know I love it!)

I’ve been taking notes on the specifics of the day (time of day, cloudy/sunny, etc) as well as the camera settings so I can continue to improve my skills.

There’s always something new to learn and try!