Last week, when it was super-cold and I was out playing with frozen bubbles (and making sure the car started), I sought refuge from the wind in the garage.

I noticed a pretty cool phenomenon when I looked down at the floor.

Thought I’d share the photographs today.

So Pretty!


What is it?

Is it some kind of coral?


Nope, not coral!

These are crystal formations.


It’s not something I’ve ever noticed before… that could be because I haven’t lived anywhere (recently) that normally has temps that drop so far below zero.

Apparently the below-zero temps encouraged the formation of crystals from the freezing of the saline brine the city puts on the streets in snow/ice conditions. The salt in the brine causes the freezing point of the water to drop significantly from the normal freezing point (+32F) of plain water.

Anyway, the brine-solution dripped off the car, hit the floor and as the temps dropped, the crystals appeared!

Beauty can appear in so many unexpected places!

Have a great week!