Still not complaining

I admit it, the closer it gets to the official start day of Spring, the more difficult it is to “enjoy the current season” (humph!)

And then, I talk to my wonderful friend in Florida today who told me that he was heading to the beach (the one I went to last summer) and that he was having difficulty hearing me with the top down on his convertible.

Not that he was rubbing it in. (yeah, right! he was totally rubbing it in! lol!)

So here’s his view today:


And here’s mine:


At least we both have blue skies!

And in my defense, the snow is melting!

But suddenly, one of us is re-thinking their choice in winter-weather homes.

I wonder… can you guess which one?

(ps: I mentioned I’m still not complaining, right?!)


Saturday Signboard #30

Sometimes you just have to change your perspective and


…look at things differently.

Maybe just do a cartwheel with your eyes open.

It helps. Really!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Making his case

Louden has been clearly (and loudly!) voicing his displeasure over the recent weather here.

Yesterday, he took it upon himself to make a statement.

He was meowing and meowing and it took me a few minutes to find him.

But when I did, I think it was pretty obvious what he was telling me…

"Found the suitcase! Let's head to FL... Now!"

“Found the suitcase! Let’s head to FL… Now!”

After a few days of below zero temps, I can’t say that I wasn’t thinking the same thing!

I think we’ll stick it out here though.

For now, anyway!

Enjoy your day!

Tropical Dreams

I looked back on the last week or so of posts and realized that they’ve mostly been of snow.

Add to that the current dreary, cloudy, rain/freezing-rain, waiting-for-six-to-12-inches-of-snowfall kind of day.

Then add to that a few family members and a friend who live in Florida that have called and asked “How’s the weather?” (snicker-guffaw) and “Is it sunny and 85 there today, too?” (did I mention snicker-guffaw?!)

And it makes a gal wax nostalgic for a short 6 months ago when I was lounging in the warmth of the Florida sunshine.

wait... is that green grass?!

beautiful water and breaking waves! wait… is that green grass?!

ahhh... feel that warm sun!

ahhh… feel that warm sun!

Again I want to make clear that I am not complaining about the current weather here (ok, maybe I am a little bit… I mean snow is ok but icy roads? that’s crap!) but even the photos of the blue ocean and sky and the sunshine are warming me up and putting a smile on my face.

Hope you all have a warm and happy Friday!

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Photowalk 15

Today we photowalk for the final time in Florida (again with the alliteration! fantastic! <–haha!)

We’re still in the Fernandina/Yulee/Amelia Island area ~ a bit further inland (as opposed to the beach) but the sentiment remains the same:


Afterall, this is Florida… it’s a vacation, right?

So sit back and enjoy the shade and the tall trees…

we could hike the path...

we could hike the path…

or lie back and enjoy the view of the tops of the tall pines

or lie back and enjoy the view of the tops of the tall pines

fyi ~ option #2 will take place from:



So I guess this wasn’t as much a “walk” as a sit-back-and-relax! And it’s also where the lines of the states start to blur. If I didn’t tell you this was north Florida, would you have known?

Me either.

I do hope you enjoyed the East Coast of Florida as I explored and frolicked… I enjoyed sharing it with you!

The next photowalks will be an amalgam of states. I’m considering making a game of it. I’ll share the photographs, you guess where I am!

Fun, huh?!

I think so, too!

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Photowalk 14

One of the final photowalks of Florida ~ this time off the coast of North Florida, on Amelia Island.

There are a lot of interesting and historical facts about this area (besides Ft. Clinch) like:
1) the 1988 movie “The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking” was filmed here.
2) nicknamed “The Isle of 8 Flags” it is the only municipality in the United States that has flown eight different national flags.
3) pirates (really!)

But today, I just want to hang at the beach:

walkway to paradise!

walkway to paradise!

pelican eyes it's food

a pelican eyes its food

shrimp boat in the distance

shrimp boat in the distance

we'll call him George... apparently this seagull thought we were bringing dinner, it followed us down the beach

apparently this seagull thought we were bringing its dinner, it followed us the entire way down the beach ~ regardless, I did get a cool reflection shot

I plan on sharing maybe one more photowalk of the area… I think. (wow, could that be more indecisive? haha!)

Today let’s just relax in the sand and enjoy the view and the breeze off the ocean.

Excellent idea if I do say so myself!