Fine Feathered Friend

Every morning I go outside (mostly at the loud urging of my assistant) and one of the first things I do is put down seed for the birds.

And every morning, Mr. Cardinal chirps his greeting to me (how nice!)

…either that or he’s asking me what the heck took me so long to get his food to him.

…or he’s telling me that he sees Louden lurking around and he’s not a fan.

When I replied to him (what? I don’t talk to birds!)

What I meant to say was:
When I listened to his song, it occurred to me that Mr. Cardinal and I have spent some quality time together and, after searching through my photographs, I found that I have in fact chronicled our year together:

4 season cardinal1

Know what else?

It also means that I have completed a Photowalk idea off my list, and I didnt’ even realize it until today!

“follow one subject (ex: tree) throughout the year and photograph it in each season”

Thanks Mr. Cardinal!

Because of this realization and in the spirit of the new year, I’m making a serious effort to be more aware of my artistic goals and ideas; take them more seriously; and improve upon them when I can.

Goals are good!

Blog changes


Do you see them?


Look at the right side column.

I added a photo carousel from some of the photographs I’ve shared on the blog so you can enjoy them as they fade from one to the next! (ooooooh… super-cool technology!!)


I made it easier to go to each of my galleries on my Imagekind website (YAY!) by listing the gallery links separately ~ which hopefully makes the navigation just a bit easier! Go check them out when you’re done with today’s blog! (I say that because the links don’t open in a new tab…)

collage for blog

I almost closed all my online sites, but thought better of it until I have a website of my own. Having said that, these three galleries are now the only place you can purchase any of my photographs ~ with the exception of purchasing from a gallery/show or contacting me directly.

More changes to come… I don’t know if it’s because I’m actually learning stuff or if it’s just the time of year to re-evaluate and reassess stuff!

I’m also making some goals for the next year that I’m very excited about (I won’t call them “resolutions” because of the negative connotation!) ~ taking small action-steps on the way to achieving each one!

Starting with: looking into easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate (and possibly free…) website options since I want to start including original paintings for sale in addition to photographs and posters! (Now that is a great goal, if I do say so myself!)

Hope all of you are having a great Monday!

What’s so great about today being a Monday?

It’s the last one you’ll have to worry about for the rest of the year! hahahahaha!!!

Eyes Wide Open

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