Just outside

Sharing a bit of what grew around the house so far this summer. I’m glad I captured them in their prime color and bloom, since they’ve pretty much given their all for the year!

Like the Peony:


And the purple lily:


The pink roses were beautiful, too! Whether they were just budding:


Or in full bloom:


I suppose that’s one of the many great things about photography… the flowers are gone, but the images captured their beauty and live on.



Show me

As I went to step out the back door (camera in hand!!) I thought “Hey, Universe, show me something beautiful, huh?”

And the Universe replied:

how 'bout these peonies?

how ’bout these peonies?

or maybe…

this cardinal?

this cardinal?

or BOTH!

And I’ll serve them with a side of bokeh!

Well played, Universe. Well played!

Busy as a Bee

Crazy-busy day… a lot to do. Seemed like I was flitting from one thing to another.

I’m sure I got a thing or two done though.

Regardless of how it felt, at least I wasn’t this busy!


(see, this is one of the things I was doing today… worked right into my blog topic! sa-weet!)

What don’t I like about this photo?

Trick question ~ I like it all!

Look at that wingspan ~ and an eye. You can even see some of the pollen that dropped on to the petal (on the left). I even love that the pink peony is PINK!!, too!

I think it’s hard to get a clear shot of a small insect like a bumble bee (or a butterfly) that is in constant motion, so I consider this a definite success!

These kinds of photographs are what I’m thinking of when I say “get out and shoot” ~ as Ansel Adams once said: “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.” ~ it may seem like nothing, just a bee and a flower… but it’s so much more than that. And it’s practice and opportunity.

Enjoy the rest of your day (camera in hand?!)