I spent an hour or so outside today.

It was warm enough for some melting and the sun was shining (well, at the moment it still is…) and it just felt good to be outside.

It’s not exactly warm enough to just hang out, after all it is still Winter, so I came back in to do some work.

As I was going through some of my more recent bubble photos I was particularly drawn to the reflection in this one:


Is it just me, or is that bubble reflecting lips?

Pink lips, to be more specific.

Cool, right?!

Well, sorry to…

burst your bubble! (hahaha!! yeah I did!!)…

but it’s not actually pink lips.

I don’t know what is really being reflected – all I know is that when I started writing I knew I just had to do the ‘burst your bubble’ joke! hahaha!!


Pink Flamingos

I’ve just been wanting to share the photograph I took of some Pink Flamingos while I was in Florida but I felt that I had to find the right quote or have a really good reason to share it.

Which is difficult, when we’re deep into Autumn and heading into Winter in the Midwest.

So I have no good reason ~ today it snowed, didn’t get above freezing, was cloudy all day ~ it was an anti-pink-flamingo kind of day. (or maybe that is a really good reason!?!?!)

But, I found a great quote!

So I made this:



Ahh, yes. The Pink Flamingo: because sometimes nature has to be obvious with its something marvelous’!

Have a great week!

My Boy

I’ve been outside all day doing yardwork and raking leaves so I didn’t really have time to put together a new poster for my Gratitude Sunday post.

Instead, I’m sharing this new photograph of my Louden.


After all, he is one of the many things for which I am grateful!

And he only looks “slightly perturbed” for my camera being in his face!

That’s a WIN, people! hehe!!

Saturday Signboard #18

Take the time to enjoy your journey…


the time will pass regardless, might as well have fun!

Saturday Signboard #14

Today is “World Gratitude Day!”


A Brief History of World Gratitude Day:
World Gratitude Day was launched in 1965 at the International East-West Center in Hawaii during a Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by meditation guru Sri Chinmoy. Those in attendance, including delegates and high-ranking officials from more than a dozen countries around the world, pledged to celebrate gratitude and to count blessings from their home country every September 21 following. Chinmoy, director of United Nations Meditation Group, celebrated Stateside. In 1977, the UN Meditation Group celebrated nine world leaders for their generous spirits and philanthropic works. Chinmoy, who passed away in 2007, worked to foster peace, compassion, and gratitude throughout his life and work.

Today, World Gratitude Day remains a relatively low-key affair, particularly in the United States.
But we can always change that.
It begins like this: “I am grateful for…”
What are YOU grateful for?

Saturday Signboard (lucky) #13

Have to say that today was b-e-a-utiful (<— you know that’s from a movie, too, right?!) and I spent most of it outside.

Just enjoying life and nature.


I think I can get onboard with that, especially on a weekend!

Hope you all are enjoying yours!

By the way: did you notice that today’s “Saturday Signboard” is the 13th one I’ve posted…

and yesterday was Friday the 13th

spooky coincidence! (?)

nah, it’s just a great sign!