I spent an hour or so outside today.

It was warm enough for some melting and the sun was shining (well, at the moment it still is…) and it just felt good to be outside.

It’s not exactly warm enough to just hang out, after all it is still Winter, so I came back in to do some work.

As I was going through some of my more recent bubble photos I was particularly drawn to the reflection in this one:


Is it just me, or is that bubble reflecting lips?

Pink lips, to be more specific.

Cool, right?!

Well, sorry to…

burst your bubble! (hahaha!! yeah I did!!)…

but it’s not actually pink lips.

I don’t know what is really being reflected – all I know is that when I started writing I knew I just had to do the ‘burst your bubble’ joke! hahaha!!

Eyes Wide Open

Make dreams into goals and goals into reality!



Anticipation of the change from Summer to Autumn begins (for me) today, as it does every year on this date!


Can you believe it? Where has the year gone?

Well, they say time flies when you’re having fun!

(it’s true!)

Saturday Signboard #5

Having spent the last few days out in the sunshine and warmth, I’m feeling pretty grateful that I get to spend as much time outdoors as I do!

I think it’s true that you gain perspective in life when you spend time in nature…


That Einstein, he sure knew a thing or two! (at least! haha!)

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I hate to rub it in, but it’s really been absolutely beautiful in a windows-wide-open-kind-of-way here for the past few days.

I’m feeling spoiled.

And it has been very difficult to be indoors ~ so I have not been!

It’s pretty great how nature amps up creativity and at the same time makes me feel all balanced and calm, too. Right?!

Yay, Nature!


I’m feeling pretty blessed and lucky to be able to live the way I do. I credit a lot of that to being able to “get back to nature” and re-charge my soul.

(that, and my family ~ pretty blessed indeed!)