Rose Garden 6

Today from the Rose Garden:


While so beautiful to look at, red is so difficult to photograph.

Why? you ask? (you’re so smart!)

Because red is such a hard color for cameras to decipher.

Red is at the top of the scale of wavelengths of visible light. Not only is it hard to photograph, it is one of the hardest colors to see. It borders on the line next to “Near-Infrared” and is almost beyond the range of human vision.

Our eyes “auto hdr” everything without us even knowing. They see color and tonal variation and dynamic range variation that a single sensor single shot cannot do.

Good thing all of that doesn’t keep me from taking the photograph!

…I do love a challenge!

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Rose Garden 5

Today from the Rose Garden:


They aren’t your plain-ol’ single color roses, people! (you’re welcome!)

There are the tipped roses like this yellow and pink gem:


and this white and coral:


or this one, the opposite looking bi-colored rose (looks like someone took a brush and swiped or dripped color in the middle but left the outer petals alone):


or this stunning candy-striped rose:


How do they do that?!?!

As I go through all the photos I took from this rose garden trip, I’m continually amazed at just how beautiful they all truly are! I’m not sure what I’ll share next, so stay tuned!

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Rose Garden 4

Today from the Rose Garden:



Fun with Photography and Photo Editing!

If I didn’t tell you I was in a rose garden, would you know that these are floral?


this one’s full of love:


this one meows:


and these seem out of this world… or from the ocean floor:


And not a single rose in this bunch!

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Rose Garden 3

Today from the Rose Garden:

They call me Mellow Yellow (yeah, I know some of you will have that song in your head for a day or so now – well, hahahaha! so do I since I started editing the yellows!):


…and another kind (there were several kinds of each color):


…and then a nod to the last post with this one with some orange tips:


I may have to switch it up a bit next time with “not-so-much-roses” in the rose garden. Stay Tuned!

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Rose Garden 2

Today from the Rose Garden – Oranges:


Orange, like ‘true’ reds (which I’ll share later), is a difficult color to capture…


especially in an ombre rose…



Orange you glad I went to the rose garden?!?!

yeah I did! bwahahahaha!!!

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From the Rose Garden

Took a bunch of photos from the local rose garden. It was so beautiful and fragrant!

I’ll be sharing my favorites over the next several posts.

That will serve me in at least three ways (that I know of!):

1. It will get me back into the swing of writing and posting again (I’ve obviously been pretty lax about that as of late!)

2. While I have been pretty good about getting out and shooting photos, I’m coming up with more self-assigned ‘homework’ ideas – not only for photography but also ideas to convert into paintings (which, interestingly enough, was why I originally began photography in the first place. True story.)


3. It also gets me back into sorting and editing – which will keep me learning and growing.

Here’s the first choice:


This also happens to be the Iowa State Flower (according to the sign that was next to it and I assume it’s right since they’re horticulture pro’s!)

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Art colors life

I think I must be suffering from a touch of the Spring Fever today.

I found myself going through photographs from my trip(s) to Florida and then those of flowers that I took over the summer last year.

I’ve picked out a few of the flower photos for potential paintings (one of my brother’s has been asking for photos, I may give him paintings instead.)

And I found some that will be perfect for backgrounds for posters and such.


That is a striped and speckled rose (I don’t remember the specifics like the name – let’s just call her Rosie! hahaha!!!)

So it’s still winter, so I couldn’t stop and actually (literally) smell the roses today…

but wandering and weaving around and through the photographs brought back the memory of the sweet scents of the rose garden,

and the heat of the sun on my face,

and the vibrance of my floral surroundings.

And I realized how grateful I am to live a life colored by Art.