Today’s the first day of summer where I live!

YAY! (Kermit, again! haha!)

What does summer mean to you?

I still look forward to the sunshine, and being tan, and sitting in the shade with an ice-cold-beverage-of-choice, and enjoying the whole day outside, and all those great summer images!

And all that other stuff too, like: mosquitos the size of a car… humidity you can cut with a knife… sunburns… thunderstorms (wait, I like storms…)


boy… today sure is going to be a L-O-N-G day!

(get it? because it’s the solstice, so that means it’s the longest day/shortest night of the year! bwahahahahaha!! that’s funny stuff right there!)

Bonus: it’s Friday, too!!

Longer Happy Hour?!?! 🙂