It’s Spring!

Welcome to Spring!

Pretty soon, everything will be blooming and nature will put on a vast and varied treat for the eyes.

In fact, my lilac bushes and the trees in my neighborhood are already budding.

The Daffodils and Lilies and Mint are pushing through the recently frozen ground…


and giving way to the promise to perfume the air and color the landscape. (that was rather poetic, was it not?!)


Wow! Those photos make it look like they’re really growing, doesn’t it?

Actually, I laid on the ground (the neighbors didn’t look at me like I was crazy at all) and put the camera down in a low spot.

The plants are 1 – 1.5 inches tall at most.

But after the dreary and colorless (that may be a bit dramatic) end of Winter, they seem like mighty giants!

Yay for Spring!

Thanks for stopping by – come back any time. Cheers!


Show me

As I went to step out the back door (camera in hand!!) I thought “Hey, Universe, show me something beautiful, huh?”

And the Universe replied:

how 'bout these peonies?

how ’bout these peonies?

or maybe…

this cardinal?

this cardinal?

or BOTH!

And I’ll serve them with a side of bokeh!

Well played, Universe. Well played!

Photowalk 9 – FLora

FLora: a mash-up of Florida and Flora used by lazy clever bloggers! (that’s an excellent definition if I do say so myself! haha!)

It comes as little surprise that I am drawn to flowers. I do like to photograph many other subjects, but when it comes down to it, I shoot just about every flower (and weed!) I see.

What can I say? I like the way flowers color and soften the world.

I don’t, however, know names of most flora… botany ain’t my thing, I guess.

While I was in South Florida (yep, we’re still in Florida! yay!), I took these around the area where I stayed. Love the variety!

look like autumn or dead leaves, but these flowers are that color...

look like autumn or dead leaves, but these flowers are that color…

looking right at ya!

looking right at ya!

simply white

simply white

pretty pink

pretty pink

soft blue

soft blue

sleek red (and bokeh!)

sleek red (and bokeh!)

I’ve edited all of these photographs, some just cropped so the flower is the main event. Others I’ve adjusted the backgrounds so the colors pop. I do my best not to over-edit… although one of these days I’m going to play with editing options and make some really cool abstracts!

A few tips:

  1. When editing, don’t forget what your subject is.
  2. It’s okay to get up and walk away from your project. Tired eyes can really mess with good editing.
  3. Try not to over-do it! It’s tempting to want that red flower (barn, bike, bench, whatever) to stand out ~ but pay attention to the rest of the photograph… the clouds (sky, field, trees, etc) shouldn’t be hues of over-saturated reds, pinks and oranges… unless of course, that’s what your intent is for your final photograph.
  4. When in doubt, ask someone else to give you an honest critique of your photographs. Getting the opinion of someone who you respect will help you grow as an artist/photographer.
  5. Have FUN!! (of course!!)

Every day is a great day for photography!


Take Sunday off? hahaha! Not me! I’ve been putting together some information and photo-collages to help me get freelance jobs as a photographer and/or blogger (and/or artist… and/or anything in my wheelhouse!)

Here are some simple collages I made:

braving the elements of Winter to capture it's beauty

braving the elements of Winter to capture its beauty


Wildlife... and not-so-wild-Louden

Wildlife… and not-so-wild-Louden


Structural photography

Structural photography


Flora and my Guardian Angel

Flora and my Guardian Angel

I’m absolutely continuing to sell my photographs individually to adorn your walls! But I do hope, at the very least, I can get some of these used as stock photography as well.

Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday ~ get out and about… and don’t forget your camera!




After the rain

Where I live it’s been raining lately. A lot. More than we need at the moment, so if anyone knows Mother Nature personally, please ask her to ease up a bit! Maybe average the rain over a period of weeks and months instead of hours. Just a thought…

Anyway, here’s my silver lining.

One thing I like to do after it rains is take photos, especially of flowers. The added depth and interest of the rain drops still clinging to the petals can be really beautiful.

exhibit A

exhibit A

exhibit B

exhibit B

exhibit C (one of my favorite pics, taken last summer) also took a "runner up" place in an international online photo contest!

exhibit C
(one of my favorite pics, taken last summer)
also took a “runner up” place in an international online photo contest!

This is definitely one of the easier photography techniques to add to your portfolio… all you need is rain and a little focus!

So, get out there and take some photos!




It’s a cool, rainy day. The kind where the thing you feel most like doing is curling up with a good book (or a large, furry, white cat!) and listening to the rain fall.

Some people find days like this dreary. I find them refreshing (of course!)

Finding that silver lining is what I do!

from Calendar Girls (movie, 2003)

from Calendar Girls (movie, 2003)

Find the light, no matter how weak. Yep, I can get on board with that for sure!

Happy Saturday, Loves!!


No surprise, I take a lot of photographs of flowers. I’ve decided it’s the pop of color that I like. But let’s be honest, not all flowers are interesting to look at… for very long anyway.

That’s why I also find ways to have fun with the techniques and/or the editing.

This particular editing tool is called “vignette”:





I simply used it to darken the edges to soften it and add some visual interest and depth. Kind of a mat included directly on the photograph. It’s a fairly flexible tool, allowing me to choose the darkness, size, fade and color of the vignette on each photograph.

I wasn’t always a fan of editing tools, but even I can see that a simple adjustment can make an average photograph more appealing. I’d rather have these hanging on my walls than without that tweak! Wouldn’t you?

Which reminds me, if you are interested in ANY photograph or poster you see on this blog, send me an email to inquire and/or order! I’ll have the online galleries back up and running in the near future, too… where you can also purchase anything you see!