Tonight’s the Night

Thought I’d take the time to remind you:


…As if anyone actually needs to be reminded!

I mean, it’s not like Spring is just around the corner or anything!

(can you feel it?!)

Anyway, enjoy your [shortened] weekend!

Thanks for stopping by – come back anytime!



Saturday Signboard #38

A public service reminder to Spring Forward tonight.


I really don’t understand why we still do this…

other than the pure joy that comes in the Fall when we “gain” an hour!

If you were wondering, there is joy to be found even from losing an hour in the Spring.

It comes from the fact that it’s (almost) Spring!

Happy Weekend!

Saturday Signboard #20

Time Reminder if you live in a participating US state…


which makes me wonder:

  1. am I the only person who thinks it’s strange that there are states that don’t do Daylight Savings time changes?
  2. why do we still do Daylight Savings time changes?
  3. how many people will see and hear reminders all day and still forget to change their clocks?
  4. does everyone have that one clock that they forget to change? (or is that just in my house?! and yes, even though I’ve written this, I’ll still forget to change it!)
  5. is anyone else as excited as I am to get an “extra” hour of sleep tonight?!

Have a great weekend!