Casting Shadows

I’ve been thinking that I’d really like to go on another trip somewhere… soon!

Which reminded me that I started a new “tradition” for whenever I go on a trip somewhere new:

I take a photo of my shadow.

It’s an official and permanent mark that I’ve been on that very spot (without vandalizing or jail time! hehe!)

Here I am at Alberta Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park:



I also have some friends that participate:

also at RMNP

also at RMNP

I’ll even snap one while walking on the sidewalk:

a friend & I in downtown Milwaukee (although it could be anywhere, couldn't it?!)

a friend & me in downtown Milwaukee (although it could be anywhere, couldn’t it?!)

Just a fun, silly, innocuous thing to do while vacationing or travelling.

I plan to have a shadow photo taken in every state in the US.

See? Time to get back out travelling again!

Question is – where to first?!

Making his case

Louden has been clearly (and loudly!) voicing his displeasure over the recent weather here.

Yesterday, he took it upon himself to make a statement.

He was meowing and meowing and it took me a few minutes to find him.

But when I did, I think it was pretty obvious what he was telling me…

"Found the suitcase! Let's head to FL... Now!"

“Found the suitcase! Let’s head to FL… Now!”

After a few days of below zero temps, I can’t say that I wasn’t thinking the same thing!

I think we’ll stick it out here though.

For now, anyway!

Enjoy your day!